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Acupuncture Treatment of Colds and Flu

It is still winter outside. It is important to remember to keep warm and covered when outdoors. If you get warm, layers can be removed top down. For example, remove hat and jacket before wearing sandels. Eat warm soups, stews, and congee to keep thedigestive system healthy and running optomally. These are all taoist concepts to protect our qi, our vital energy, from depletion and keep our immune system working strong through the rest of the winter months. Maintaing health in the winter will bring good health in the upcoming summer. Mainting good health in the spring will bring good health in the upcoming fall. 

Remember acupuncture and Chinese medicine can treat colds, flu, cough, and general malaise that goes along with these ailments. It is best to treat these as soon as symptoms arise for best results and to prevent worsening of symptoms.